Dupray Carmen Super Inox Steam Extractor Review

Get a more profound clean with a business steam cleaner with cleanser infusion and an inherent wet/dry vacuum. Whether you select the 120 V base model or the predominant 220 V adaptation which creates 2.5 times the measure of steam and has 20% more vacuum suction, both units offer complete execution and flexibility. The Carmen Super Inox steam extractor is ideal for the most hardheaded cleaning circumstances, for example, auto specifying, gum evacuation, grout cleaning or kitchen degreasing. Offering persistent refill innovation, customizable steam weights of up to 7 bar/105 psi and temperatures of up to 356ºF/180ºC, this expert steam cleaner makes the ideal business accomplice.

Outlined and implicit Italy utilizing just the finest European parts, the Carmen Super Inox is strengthened with a completely stainless steel packaging and vacuum canister. Built with an incorporated wet vacuum and inherent truck, this intense, convenient steam vacuum cleaner is prepared to work at whatever point you are with constant highlights to get you during that time no sweat. Upholstery extraction, car cleaning, carpet cleaning, RV specifying or whatever other substantial obligation applications are just samples of the limitless conceivable outcomes of this smash hit steam more clean.

Highlights of the Dupray

  • stuffed with a 34-piece overwhelming obligation steam vacuum cleaning pack
  • full arrangement of durable itemizing brushes
  • constructed utilizing heat safe
  • excellent plastic selective to the Carmen Super Inox

Infuse a blast of Dupray’s eco-accommodating Biovap cleanser on oily surfaces for astonishing results, or effortlessly expel gum and cements from any surface.
The mix of a wet/dry vacuum permits you to steam clean while separating soil and garbage. The coordinated vacuum is crucial for gum evacuation and floor covering extraction. Fingertip controls permit you to control the vacuum and steam specifically on the handle.

The discretionary 220 V adaptation of the Carmen Super Inox takes into consideration 2.5 times the steam generation considering much speedier cleaning and degreasing. Consider the additions in benefit! (The 220 V rendition is firmly suggested for auto itemizing.)

The Carmen Super Inox is Dupray’s most developed steam extractor, offering outstanding cleaning force. Upheld by a strong 3-year guarantee on parts and a lifetime guarantee on the evaporator and packaging, the Carmen is designed for 24/7 work.

The ideal dry steam is accomplished by the blend of the exact temperature at the right weight. The substantial obligation stainless steel evaporator is pressurized at or up to 105 psi and superheats the water to 356ºF to create dry vapor steam. This steam has just 5% water content and is nature’s most effective technique for cleaning and sanitizing without the utilization of chemicals.

Dupray’s business line of steam cleaners are constructed with licensed completely exemplified warming components. The components extend and contract amid the machine’s warming cycles to keep the gathering of mineral stores. The electromagnetic buoy is constantly swaying to uproot any mineral or scale develop. These two advances together mean the main support needed is a basic kettle deplete after at regular intervals of utilization.

The Carmen Super Inox’s kettle is made out of high review AISI 304 stainless steel and gathered with TIG welds for expanded quality. The heater is assembled past the prerequisites to guarantee that it will never break, consequently the lifetime guarantee on the evaporator itself.

Disinfect anything, anyplace utilizing just normal faucet water. Sanitizing is made simple with the Dupray ONE Plus’ intense plane of go vapor steam coming to temperatures away to 320ºF, in a split second killing 99.9% of microscopic organisms and infections. The complete cleaning unit gives simple to utilize instruments to disinfecting practically anything including: carpets, ledges, toys, beds, furniture, bathrooms, and anyplace else in your home. The ONE Plus steam cleaner is the most ideal approach to keep your family unit clean and without germ.

Steam cleaners with Dupray’s CST have a licensed electromagnetic buoy which is persistently checking the water and steam level inside the heater to guarantee the ideal offset, bringing about a predictable quality dry steam plane.

Dynamic Safe
Dupray offers the most secure steam cleaners available, Active-Safe innovation is the blend of an assortment of security highlights including a low water cautioning, warm over-burden, two weight alleviation valves, an electromagnetic buoy, and an auto close off.

Level Control
The inherent Perfect Level Control and CST innovations keep the kettle from regularly being warmed without water. This shields the steam cleaner from running dry, so you never need to stress over harming your hardware.

Conclusion Utilizing not as much as a gallon of water every hour, steam makes green cleaning simple, obliging just general faucet water to attain to the best cleaning results. With the Carmen Super Inox, you can simply supercharge your cleaning power by infusing biodegradable cleaning arrangement at the tip of your finger.

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