Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Reviews

Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is for light commercial use. BG10 as it is fondly called has separate motors for suctioning and cleaning. The first container contains water for cleaning while the second container serves as storage for dirty water that you can easily dispose afterwards by lifting off the lid. It will only take 2 minutes to prepare this machine for use. Just in case you run into any kind of minor problems, the instructions are conveniently attached to the machine for easy browsing.

Its a roller brush is a powerful tool indeed! You can clean about two bedrooms and a walk-in closet in just one session. As a result you will not suffer from back pains unlike before when you were using your old cleaning machine. Its rubber covered wheels allows you to move easily from room to room even if you carry a tank full of water. Users have been happy about the wonderful cleaning results that came out from using such an efficient machine. They say that they cannot believe just how much it can extract and clean all of that carpet dirt.

Features That Makes This Machine Stand Out

• Professional Carpet Cleaner
• Flow indicator monitors water and cleaning solution levels
• Tank that can accommodate 1 ¾ gallons of water
• Made of high quality materials
• Includes removable power cord
• Comes with 1 year warranty


• Adjustable handle heights
• Easy to Assemble
• Makes carpet look like new
• Easy to store inside a closet
• Effectively removes stains


• You need to learn to maneuver it properly in order not to bump inside closets and such similar confined and limited spaces
• A bit of helpful suggestion for the right handle trigger to have a locking device so that when it dispenses the cleaning solution it will not leak out
• Some users’ complaint about the dripping dirty water when you remove the dirty water tank. The solution is quite simple do not lift the latch and use it as a handle, simply lift up the tank and presto problem solve
• Heavy but stable

Some users say that you need to use Bissell Pre Treat and Bissell Shampoo if in case you are cleaning a white carpet or similar light color materials. Do you need honest to goodness deep carpet cleaner, look no further Bissell BigGreen Commercial Upright Cleaner is here to prove that all it takes is professional machine that can turn an average homeowner into a the best cleaning professional.

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